Reading Russian Books Guide

After we are studying any foreign language, we’re bound to compare it with our mother tongue. Learning Russian books has brought you surprises once you discovered that punctuation in Russian is considerably easier than in russian children’s books? It usually means it is simpler for a student to begin studying. You believe and do not agree that studying Russian is tough? Then envision a native Russian-speaker studying English and attempting to determine how to read double-o in phrases such as”novel”,”floor”, or”blood”. The instructor is far away in the moment and if he has heard these words, work is taken by studying to read. In comparison to him, you’re fortunate.

But studying in Russian may be tricky. Soft and hard consonants are the toughest thing for a student.

In English it isn’t important if is soft or hard, but in Russian it may make another phrase. Your instructor has told you that, but a distance is between implementing it and understanding a rule. That’s why novices frequently read words such as”СЕЛ” and”СЪЕЛ” exactly the same. Listening imitating native speakers can benefit. Things to do now and this, particularly if there’s absolutely not any tutor.