5 Tips To Stop Email Spam

It’s beginning to get crazy. It was a pleasure. It is a chore having to wade through dozens, even hundreds of messages each day. Spam has reached epidemic proportions. Here are 5 things which you can do to cut down on how much crap that is unwanted reaches your inbox.

1) Protect Your Email Address

Ensure that your address isn’t visible anywhere online. If it’s on a page it can be chosen by’spambots’ . Use a contact form on pages for individuals to get in contact. This doesn’t leave a footprint which spambots can use.

2) Use Disposable Email Addresses

You should have one disposable email by showing to close friends that you shield. Some providers will permit you to have a range of email addresses that forward all email to your email email address. You then give out your email address on the internet that is disposable.

For instance you make an internet purchase. You start getting spam sent to that address. You can stop using that address, and begin using another one that is .

3) Use An Email Host With Antispam Filters

Some hosts have antispam built into their system. This will intercept plenty of spam before it reaches you.

4) Use Private Antispam Software

There are. Some are built from the likes of big names such as McAfee and Norton. There are also free products