What are the benefits of cocoa powder?

Today lots of men and women find that for a wholesome life it’s essential to consume healthful foods. Healthy foods aren’t only beneficial to the human body but they’re also responsible for the overall physical condition. People increasingly recognize that lots of diseases, even those of emotional character can be treated or even relieved by eating a balanced and proper meals.

In this sense the question arises whether chocolate is a food that is healthy. To begin with, we should remember that there are several kinds of chocolates. In the supermarket you can purchase a wide assortment of chocolates, from dark, milk to chocolate with rice or almonds. All these different sorts of chocolate contain a greater or lesser percentage of different substances, such as white sugar, herbs and fat. However, the basic substance from which chocolate is made is raw cacao powder.

Cocoa powder is actually bitter. I’m confident you try it once. Therefore, manufacturers of candies mix cacao powder together with the sugar and other unhealthy substances to enhance its taste.

What is the beneficial effect of cocoa powder?

To start with, cocoa powder comprises tons of antioxidants which fight against free radicals in our body. Moreover there are flavonoids which are extremely useful substances, also. Cacao contributes to secretion of serotonin, which enhances the feeling of happiness and well being. Thus, cocoa has more or less favorable effects on the human body, although scientists are still not clear with this.

If the cocoa plant has favorable impacts on health, does this apply to chocolate? Unfortunately, with taking chocolate you also intake considerable quantities of fat and sugar which are known to be rather harmful for health. Next time, when you visit the supermarket and reach for some chocolate, first read its ingredients. Always pay attention on the proportion of raw cacao powder.

It’s surely better to take a dark chocolate. On the market today there’s a large choice of dark chocolates, and the percentage of cocoa in them can reach 80%. Certainly they’re not of the very best flavor, and may not be comparable with the gorgeous milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. But with dark chocolate you won’t enter as much sugar and your body can only enjoy healthy advantages of cocoa powder.